Posted on Feb 02, 2022

February 4th is World Cancer Day. Events are taking place around the globe to raise awareness of the hundreds of different forms cancer can take and how we all need to pull together to #closethegap in treatment options no matter where you live. This is a disease that will affect everyone’s lives in some form and as an organisation focused on women’s health, we wholeheartedly support everything World Cancer Day stands for.

At Cerca Biotech our focus is on diagnostic advancements and how technology can help to improve the outcome for women diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This is a disease that will affect one in seven women in the UK in their lifetime. Whichever way you look at it, a Breast Cancer diagnosis will change your life, the earlier it is caught, and an effective treatment plan can be put in place, the better the outlook.

This is where MammaTyper® comes in.

MammaTyper® is a standardised, repeatable, rapid PCR (RT-qPCR) diagnostic test that enables pathologists to appropriately and accurately subtype Breast Cancer. This not only makes things much easier for practitioners as they determine prognosis and treatment plans, but also makes for more informed, settled and cared-for patients.

By enabling patients to start an appropriate form of treatment for their particular case as soon as possible, MammaTyper® can help save on the cost – and stress – of chemotherapy. Something we think everyone would benefit from.

We know first-hand how upsetting and frustrating the whole process of diagnosis and prognosis is for Breast Cancer patients, and what frustrates us most on top of this is the fact that there has been very little in the way of medical advancement in this area for half a century. MammaTyper® uses rapid PCR testing, a method which has more than proved itself in the past two years during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is standardised, repeatable and can be done locally, it’s also quicker than current methods with results available within a day.
MammaTyper® takes away the human subjectivity of the current method of testing. This is key, because we now live in a world where Breast Cancer cannot simply be considered as a single disease anymore, or even be treated with one generic approach. Instead, it’s become evident that the different molecular subtypes of Breast Cancer require a different treatment approach. Therefore, careful identification and separation of different subtypes is the key to a successful – and fully patient-centred treatment strategy. This is exactly why MammaTyper® exists.
Accurate subtyping of Breast Cancer tissue results in a confident diagnosis of disease type, providing a strong foundation for a treatment plan that is more likely to work. It inspires confidence in patients and clinicians and means that delays to starting the most effective treatment are eliminated. We owe it to women and their families everywhere to make sure that their diagnosis is the right one. Every time.