At Cerca Biotech, we want to make history with what we do, by demonstrating how medical diagnostics can be truly innovative using practical and progressive techniques. As an organisation, we have the knowledge, the respect, and the resources to create, acquire and develop products that will change the face of healthcare. Crucially, we aim to do this without the issue of our healthcare providers or patients incurring any un-necessary costs.

Cerca Biotech has always worked - and will continue to do so - with key respected clinicians, patient support groups and medical forums. We work with these professionals to assess, evaluate and supply innovative products to promote better patient care pathways, particularly in the field of women’s healthcare.

If you would like to know more about our mission, what we’ve done in the past, and what we’re working on as part of a bright future in healthcare, please drop us a note via our contact page.

Cerca Biotech is the European subsidiary of Shuwen Biotech, a highly reputable and innovative molecular and point of care diagnostics organisation. Shuwen and Cerca are passionate about healthcare and are working to create world-leading innovations in the fields of Oncology and Women’s Health.