it’s time to take the stage

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting women, one in seven will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

Huge steps have been made in diagnosing and treating the disease and if caught early, the chances of survival are good.

Credit should be given to advances in screening programmes, medical treatment and awareness campaigns educating women on how to recognise potential signs of cancer.


However, to give women who have been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer the best chance of recovery, they need to receive the best treatment for them as quickly as possible. This is dependent on accurate subtyping of the tumour, a process which has remained little changed for over half a century and is vulnerable to inaccuracies.

That’s where Cerca Biotech comes in. We are launching MammaTyper®, which is a real-time quick-response PCR (RT-qPCR) test and the first real innovation in this area for decades. MammaTyper® applies 21st century techniques to breast cancer subtyping, ensuring that every tissue sample is tested reliably, accurately, and quickly. The result? A solid foundation on which to build a treatment plan, giving every woman the best chance of beating breast cancer.