Posted on Nov 22, 2022

Three new research studies have concluded that MammaTyper® could provide a reliable, efficient, and reproducible alternative to the molecular subtyping of breast cancer tumours.

Studies in the UK, Portugal and China involving more than 350 samples suggest that MammaTyper®, a multigene rapid PCR test to subtype breast cancer tumours could be a viable alternative to IHC testing, which is the current method used by most healthcare systems and labs around the world. This is significant because MammaTyper® is both reproducible and quicker than IHC, freeing up pathologist and lab time. It is also based on RT-qPCR (rapid PCR) technology which, thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, can be analysed by many laboratories locally.

Every breast cancer tumour is unique. Accurate subtyping of breast cancer tumors is essential to determine the type of treatment that the disease is likely to respond to. This has become especially important in hard to diagnose triple negative and HER2-low cases where new immunotherapy drugs have been recently approved for use.

Being able to categorise breast cancer with a higher level of confidence will enable clinicians to target treatment more accurately, opening up therapy options for women who may previously have only been offered chemotherapy.

The research will be presented at The European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC) later today (November 16th) in Barcelona. For more details on the studies, please see

“The speed at which breast cancer treatment is progressing is very encouraging as it is one of the most commonly diagnosed forms of cancer worldwide,” said Richard Hughes, Director at Cerca Biotech. “However, where the process needs to be improved is in the diagnostic phase. Clinicians are currently relying on IHC testing, a method which is over 50 years old. Molecular diagnostic technology can help clinicians, laboratories and most importantly, women in the fight against breast cancer. This research shows that MammaTyper® has the potential to do just that, moving breast cancer diagnostics onto the next stage.”


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Richard Hughes, Director, Cerca Biotech