Posted on Mar 31, 2022

We are really pleased to announce that MammaTyper® has been registered by the Ministero della Salute in Italy. This marks a key step towards bringing this innovative, RT-qPCR test to the Italian market and helping women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This announcement follows our earlier news that Padua-based firm AB Analytica will be the exclusive distributor for MammaTyper® in Italy. A highly regarded manufacturer and distributor of molecular diagnostic kits and hardware, AB Analytica was the first to partner with us and has since been followed by distributors in Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Georgia. Achieving registration in Italy is a really positive step towards bringing modern medical diagnostic techniques for breast cancer into mainstream medicine. Alongside our partners at AB Analytica we are confident that MammaTyper® has the potential to change the way breast cancer is subtyped, enabling pathologists and oncologists in Italy and around the world to have complete confidence in the results and therefore their treatment decisions for patients.

We are actively seeking distribution partners in the Nordics, Germany, the UK and Benelux. If you’d like to talk to us about getting involved, get in touch. (