Posted on May 19, 2022

Early diagnosis of Pre-Eclampsia can save lives. Yet, definitive detection of this potentially fatal condition can be delayed or difficult to access under current testing regimes. To help combat this issue, Cerca Biotech is launching a new, rapid point-of-care test designed for use in maternity departments and primary care settings. 

The CercaTest™ Pre-Eclampsia Vue™ assay has been developed to make use of a process called congophilia - using a red dye that specifically binds to aggregated amyloid proteins (misfolded proteins) that are excreted by an abnormal placenta into a mother’s urine. These aggregated proteins bind to the dye and collect in the bottom of a filtration cuvette, clearly showing whether Pre-Eclampsia is imminent or is already an issue. As an emerging biomarker of Pre-Eclampsia, studies in 1,000 patients have shown this test to have a 95% NPV for Pre-Eclampsia from 20 weeks. If you would like to know more, please contact us to join our clinical appraisal process.